Saturday, 15 February 2014


People say to me, "Why do you continue to talk about Satanism in the music industry?  Why don't you just concentrate on the positive message of love and forgiveness from God?"

The answer is simple:
When the light rises it illuminates both good and evil.
So not only do you see the love and goodness of God but you also see the evil in the world.
And Satanism in the rock music industry is a major component of that evil.

Having experienced the negative psychic and spiritual effects of this first hand I am well qualified to speak about it.

If it were not for the active intervention of God I would still be in the hell that they designed for me.

And make no mistake these effects influence everyone.
They affect the mind and body in negative ways:
depression, suicidal thoughts, drug addiction, smoking, sex addiction, alcoholism, insanity, damnation, torture, and hell.....
All these things affect us in varying degrees.

This is why it is necessary to counteract this influence with a positive spiritual influence.
At present this can only come from a Church or spiritual community.
It is important that you choose a community which has compatible ideas with you or you may experience negative spiritual effects from the people around you.

But the positive spiritual influence which ultimately comes from God will help to counteract the negative effects from rock music and the popular culture.

And, having experienced this myself, I feel obliged to make others aware if it.

So that is why I continue to talk about Satanism in the music industry and the popular culture.

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