Tuesday, 4 February 2014


At present Satanists in the music industry are selling drugs to young people.

Working through the negative attributes of Aquarius, they push drugs and insanity on the unsuspecting.

Have you noticed the activities of bikie gangs in our cities?
Their involvement in the drug trade is well known.

The activities of Satanic bikie gangs in conjunction with Satanists in the music industry conspire to exploit innocent young people who are unaware of their intentions.

If they knew that these things were controlled by Satanists with malevolent motives they would not get involved with them.

But they don't know.

They believe that their rock stars are merely out to have a good time.
They think that they are innocent like them.

But they are not.

Drug addiction leads to crime and mental illness.
It does not liberate you, nor does it bring spiritual experiences.

The motives of their pushers is entirely malevolent.
Death and hell are their desired destinations.

Do not practice yoga in conjunction with drug taking.
This is one of the ploys of the popular culture.
It leads to damnation by the authorities of eastern religions.

This is done deliberately.

See their malevolent intentions.
Drugs lead to crime, insanity, damnation and death.

They will stab you in the back as we (the hippies) were stabbed in the back.

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