Saturday, 7 December 2013

The Right Teaching.

One of the reasons why the world is not saved is because the Churches do not teach the right teaching.

Since Nicea Christianity has been hijacked by the establishment and modified to reinforce their power.

Thus we see absolutes like the Christ, Original Sin, Universal Condemnation, and Eternal Damnation.

These things are tools to subjugate the masses to the power of the establishment.

They have nothing to do with Jesus.

Jesus' teaching of unconditional love and forgiveness from the Father did not suit the needs of the powerful elites.  So it was modifies to become a religion of salvation.  Any challenge to the power of the establishment was removed from their teaching and worldly authority took the place of heavenly authority.

So what is the right teaching?

The true teaching of Jesus is unconditional love and forgiveness from the Father.
And the values of the kingdom of God - equality, justice, peace, compassion, and humility - on earth.

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