Tuesday, 10 December 2013


Like every generation we have been betrayed.

The idealism and altruism of the 1960s and 1970s was betrayed by the rock bands and superstars who appropriated it.

These stars and celebrities took over the peace and civil rights movement and steered it away from its objective, i.e. to change the world.

They did this by accentuating the negatives of our generation - self-centeredness, pleasure, and escapism.

By selling us drugs and hedonism they ensured that our generation failed.

And when things turned against us in the 1980s they were nowhere to be found.
We had been stabbed in the back.

Unfortunately most people of my generation refuse to believe that their rock legends are evil.

Their true identity is cleverly disguised.
Darkness hides them.

But the fact remains - they have sold their souls to the devil and do the devil's work in the world.

(P.S.  There is no devil in reality but those who believe in him do evil in his name.)

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