Saturday, 9 November 2013

The Old and the New.

Just as the orthodox religious authorities of the time murdered Jesus, so the orthodox religious authorities of our time oppose the New Paradigm.

It would be a great surprise to them that the very thing they desire - divine revelation - is the very thing that they are opposing.

The old, established authorities always resist any challenge to their orthodox position.  This gives them power.  And they do not share power.

So when the new revelation comes the old authorities resist.

They seem not to be able to see the new insights.
They don't believe that they come from God.

The Pharisees called Jesus Beelzebub (Mark 3:22), the Fundamentalists call Progressives Satan.

They demonize their own God.

So don't be too eager to demonize the new, you might just be demonizing God!

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