Tuesday, 15 October 2013

Whited Sepulchers.

Rock stars cover up their music of death by whitewashing their image.

This serves two purposes:
1.  To hide the dark nature of their mission.
2.  To draw people in.

Have you ever noticed the sweet innocent music of one album becomes the dark, suicidal music of the next.

Look more closely.
You will see a pattern.

Lure > Darkness > Cover up.

Many use nudity and sex to lure people into their web of evil.
Then they poison and curse them to death.
In the hope that they will go to hell.

It is  a subtle game of temptation and damnation.

The inverse of orthodox religion.

It is dark.
It is negative.
It is superficial.
It is sabotage.
It is anti-Christian.

But they are whited sepulchers.


  1. There is negativity and self-destruction in some rock music, but I don't see rock music as essentially evil.

    1. It is not easy ti see evil in the darkness.

  2. Did you know that "Carry On Wayward Son" is a song that Kerry Livgren, of the band Kansas, wrote about his conversion experience? Did you also know that Alice Cooper is a devout, deeply committed and believing Christian?

  3. Did you also know that Richard Page, of the 1980s pop band Mr. Mister, is also a devout Christian, and their song "Kyrie" calls out to the Lord to be with him on his path through life? And that U2 are Christians, and most of their songs have a spiritual message?

    It's there...it's just a matter of looking for it.