Saturday, 12 October 2013

Religious Authorities.

Were I to speak with those in authority in the Church I would argue that the absolutes inherent in their versions of Christology are at odds with my experience of God.

God is not angry or judgmental.
He does not condemn or punish us.

These are explanations for what happens to us in life - which is merely the actions of human beings with free will.  It is not the will of God.

Jesus is not some magical savior who died for our sins but a teacher of radical love who died because he threatened the powers of the world.  It was not a act of God.

The angry, judgmental, punishing God of the Old Testament is a projection of our experience of earthly authority figures - fathers, kings - who reward and punish us.  This is not a part of God.

God's nature is wholly good.
He is not subject to the dualities of our world.

We project our human traits onto God.

Hear the good news:
God is Love.
All are forgiven.

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