Saturday, 28 September 2013


When I say that rock music and popular entertainment, including sports, are rife with Satanism and black magic I can hear you say, "But there is no Satan."

Modern secular thinking rightly rejects the idea of a supernatural devil.

But because there is no Satan does not mean that there are no Satanists.

There are people who believe in Satan and sell their souls with the objective of achieving fame and fortune.  Mostly rock stars.  But there are others in the entertainment industries and sports.

What they do is tempt us, lead us astray, and damn us.

Have you noticed that everything is going up in flames?

Their songs have double meanings.
Their music is the music of death.

Death, in theological terms, means separation from God and leads to damnation.

This is their objective.

They deceive us and betray us.

But in the end there is no Satan and no hell, only God's Love.

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