Saturday, 14 September 2013


The covert Satanism which was pioneered by the rock stars of the 1960s has spread to movie and T.V. stars, sportsmen and women, and writers and commentators.

It permeates all rock music.

It forms a web of evil which spans our popular culture.

This is hidden by conscious efforts to manipulate their public image.
White covers up their evil activities like whited sepulchers.

They use astrology backwards - pushing the negatives of each generational sign: selfishness for Leo; holier than thou for Virgo; hedonism for Libra; hate, and violence for Scorpio; laziness for Sagittarius; bigotry, prejudice, and judgment for Capricorn; promiscuity, madness, and drugs for Aquarius etc...

This is subconscious sabotage.

The surface of the music may be all sweetness and light but beneath is hatred and violence, madness and evil.

They are waging a war against God.
A war in which music and movies, T.V. and sports are the arenas and propaganda and lies are the weapons.

There may be no Satan in reality but the damage done remains.

It has been said that Satan deceives the whole world.
Modern Satanism in our popular culture deceives everyone.

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