Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Sexual Orientation.

When Christians talk about social justice their words go as far as gender issues but never include sexual orientation.

They seem to think that gay rights are somehow too risky, too political. and beyond the scope of Christian compassion.

Although many may privately support equality for gay and lesbian people their support seems never to extend to the public arena.

This is noticeable whenever gay issues arise in public.  Christians seem always to take the anti-position and condemn us outright.  You never see Christians supporting gays and lesbians in the media.

The liberal Churches seem to think that accepting gays is enough.  They never seem to extend their hand to active support.

Considering Jesus Church is exhorted to speak for the voiceless in society it is disappointing that they seem unable to speak up for gays and lesbians today.

Apart from the issue of same sex marriage, there are many gay rights issues today that could be supported by liberal Christians.  It is not enough to just sit on your hands and be silent.

I call on all Christians to overcome their fear and actively support sexual orientation as a human rights issue.

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