Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Raising the Dead.

When confronted with the knowledge that rock stars sell their souls to the devil and practice black magic and Satanism in their music most people's initial reaction is disbelief.

This is because people no longer believe in the devil as a supernatural being.  And if there is no devil how can there be any devil worshipers?

The fact that their rock stars and sporting heroes do exactly that is beyond belief.

Most of this is done covertly.
Negative messages and curses are hidden in the music, often recorded backwards.  This works on the unconscious level.

Our task is to bring these things to the surface, up into the conscious mind, where they can be confronted and recognized.

Mostly we are talking about Death.
Death is the basis of black magic and Satanism.
It is a spiritual state in which the person is separated from God.
St. Paul says that the power of Death is in the hands of the devil.

Any reference to death, funerals, decay, black, corpses, skulls, graves, tombs etc. are black magic spells designed to kill you spiritually.
This is often associated with sex or erotica.  As if it was sex that separates you from God as Augustine thought.

You will find many references to such things in your rock music and videos.

Any references to the devil, hell, flames, horns, demons, ghosts, vampires, werewolves, are all Satanic spells.

Other symbols they use are spiders, spider webs, insects, worms, apples, temptation, hate, violence, darkness, madness (crazy), drugs, tattoos, and dogs (gods backwards).

They will not always use these symbols openly.
Often they will produce a song or a video using positive symbols.  This is done deliberately to disguise what they are doing.  Often these things will be hooks to lure you into their web of evil and torture and madness.

So when these things are brought up to the surface we can see them for what they are - Satanic curses.

And we can leave rock music behind.

Photo Credit: Peter Hutchins Flickr via Compfight cc

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