Sunday, 14 October 2012

New Age Gurus.

The mistake that the New Age gurus make is to try to create wealth and worldly success in the name of spirituality.
Get what you want out of life is their mantra.

But Jesus said you cannot serve God and money.

In running after worldly idols the New Age gurus gain plenty of followers.
But it never really works.

This is because they mistake the purpose of life.
Life is not about achievements and possessions.
That will not make you happy.
Life is about love -our relationships, and our relationship with God.

They are blind.
They call their methods spirituality but spirituality has nothing to do with accumulating wealth and success.
Spirituality is about developing qualities like: love, compassion, charity, gratitude, courage, integrity, truthfulness, kindness, and faith.

Jesus said that the way of the world is evil.

You cannot serve two masters - God and money.

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