Tuesday, 16 October 2012


The first version of the covenant between God and Moses would appear to be in Exodus 34 where the three festivals - the festival of unleavened bread, the festival of weeks, and the festival of the passover - were consecrated to the nation Israel.

So perhaps the legalistic language of the ten commandments was not Moses' but the mentality of the priests who wrote them 600 years later.

That being said the important part of the story is the covenant between God and the liberated Israelites.

The first covenant is the rainbow between God and Noah.

The second covenant is between God and Abraham and his descendants.

The third covenant is between God and Moses.

The fourth covenant is with David and Solomon.

The fifth covenant is through Jesus of Nazareth.

A sixth covenant could be said to have been made with Mohammed.

So God regularly renews His covenant not only with Israel but with all humankind.

Is it possible that there will be a new covenant between God and humanity through Aquarius?

They say that the darkest hour is just before the dawn.
It is certainly dark enough.

The fertile ground is there with many people in the world at the moment having Aquarian aspects.

God is certainly doing something - nurturing our understanding and hinting at the direction.

After liberating theological thought from negative doctrines, the rest is all about love.

Love God.  Love everyone.

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