Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Are We Any Better?

Are we really any better than others?
We who try to please God out of fear of offending Him.

We try to be perfect out of fear.

Perhaps those who blame God are more honest than us.

The ledger will never balance.

I am not perfect.
(The lamb without spot is a fiction.)
Fear of offending God is fear of punishment, so, as God does not punish us, there is no reason to fear.

Of course we do not want to offend God gratuitously.
The occasional slip or mistake will be forgiven.

This allows us to relax a bit more.

This does not mean that we should not be good or try to do what we think is right.  We may in fact do the same or better things out of love than out of fear.

It would seem that when we let go of our fear what remains is love.

Do we obey God out of fear?
Are we afraid of losing our edge (our brownie points)?

Do we think that we are better than others?

Content to be equal and act out of love.

That does not make Satanism right or evil good.
Neither does it make God evil (the trick of dualism).

I have never known God to act in a way that was harmful to anyone.
God is trustworthy.
We cannot manipulate God.

It is our moral superiority - which we criticize in others - that we fail to see in ourselves.

This is generational : our parents, ourselves, our children.....
All are equal in the sight of God.
There is no us and them.

To do good makes us feel good.
To love and be loved is pleasurable.

Satanists have been told that evil is delicious.
They have been told that the Devil is everything they want.

Are we so different?
Are we both not just choosing pleasure and avoiding pain?
Even suffering in the hope of a reward?

It has been said that we love some things and hate others.
But is not hate just fear?
Perhaps when fear is gone we will love what we now hate.

Were we fearless would we hate evil?
Perhaps then we would love our enemies.

Photo Credit: dmitryzhkov Flickr via Compfight cc

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