Wednesday, 28 November 2018

Coming Out.

The timely coming out of Finn Stannard - a 17 year old schoolboy at a prestigious Catholic College - gives us a human example of the debate about the right of religious schools to reject gay students and teachers.

Finn's speech was received by his peers with a standing ovation.

It also received the support of the Headmaster.

So we are presented with the reality of the debate.

We are talking about human beings.

Not some abstract moral conception.

Finn Stannard is a real person.

And his courageous coming out to the whole school anchors the debate in reality.

The fact that he is at a Catholic College has not gone without notice.

Pope Francis has hinted at acceptance of homosexuals in his Church.

But the hierarchy of the Catholic Church is yet to accept homosexuals as full members.

We cannot receive Communion.

Or serve in positions of leadership in the Catholic Church.

His Church still teaches that homosexuality is a sin.

So Finn Stannard's coming out is a step towards greater acceptance of homosexuals in the Catholic Church.

What I would say to him is this:

God loves you.

He does not discriminate.

You will go to Heaven when you die.

And don't let anyone tell you otherwise.

Photo Credit: Pinknews.

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