Wednesday, 4 April 2018


The intense homophobic fear which was stimulated in Generation X by AIDS has resulted in violence, cruelty, torture, arrest, and mass-murder.

And this homophobic fear includes both sides if the religious divide.

So that Fundamentalist Christians, Muslims, and Hindus, Buddhists and Satanists in rock music and sports are equally violent towards gays.

This inspires damnation, torture, violence, hate, ostracism, and rejection.

It has even caused murder and persecution.

Scapegoating of gays is common in Generation X.

But Generation X are no longer young.

They are over 50, overweight, and out of date.

The new generation of young people, the Millennials, are much less homophobic than Generation X.

The results of the Same-Sex Marriage Survey in Australia put the rate of approval among people under 24 at 84%.

So we are due for a change.

Generation X's draconian attitudes are no longer the norm.

It is up to surrounding generations to re-educate Generation X by addressing the fears which drive them.

Violence, hate, and evil are driven by fear.
AIDS is no longer a death sentence.
HIV can be stopped from developing into AIDS.
So as long as we are tested AIDS is over.

So the fear of homosexuals is over.

And once the fear is gone the evil reaction will be gone.

Photo Credit: Billy Wilson Photography Flickr via Compfight cc

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