Friday, 15 September 2017


When we are young and we encounter the world we can mistake the way of the world for God.

Life seems tough, demanding, unsympathetic, and unforgiving.

This is the influence of power and money which was once in league with the conservative establishment and now represents the corporate plutocracy and its political puppets.

But this is not the way of God despite what Fundamentalist Christians may tell you.

God is merciful, forgiving, gracious.
He will always give you another chance.

He is undemanding and considerate.

He loves you like a Father.

But the Church has traditionally sided with the political conservatives and represented God as a harsh judge and moral wowser.

The reason for this is that the Church became entangled with power and money and adopted their carrot and stick approach to the masses in order to maintain their position of authority in society.

The result has been that the message of Jesus is severely compromised, even contradicted completely.

The traditional authorities of the Churches are the spiritual descendants of the Pharisees who were the enemies of Jesus.

Since the mass exodus from the Churches there have been some desperate attempts to bring people back but change is slow and reluctant.

There are some progressive Churches but the mainstream Churches are dragging their feet.

Even the most liberal Churches - The Episcopalian Church in America and the Uniting Church in Australia - sit on the fence when it comes to important decisions and refuse to speak up for minorities and outcasts.

Their attitude towards homosexuality and gay marriage is the definitive example.

So pray for courage and change.

Or the Church will die.

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