Wednesday, 21 June 2017


What we consider normal is not what it seems.

Normal is to watch T.V., to listen to popular music, to go to the movies, to watch sports, to work, and to sleep.

But much of our materialistic culture is contaminated with negative messages.

Advertising on the T.V., radio, and billboards all around us creates dissatisfaction and envy.

We are infected with viral avarice.

But quite apart from these obvious negatives our popular culture is saturated with the covert evil of Satanism.

Rock music and reality T.V., movies and sports are populated by people who have sold their souls for fame and fortune.

The products they create are dark and poisoned with evil.

I came across a movie the other day which was aimed at teenagers.
It started with the lead character - a seventeen year old girl - telling her teacher that she was going to kill herself.  It went on to depict her as a loser full of confusion, obsessed with sex, and constantly put down by her peers.

This is sabotage - self-destruction, sexpectation, and suicide. - all passed off as a joke.

Reality T.V. is no better.

So don't watch something or listen to something merely because it seems normal.

Look more closely and see whether it is helpful or destructive.

Then you will be free.

Photo Credit: MCaputo_InNow Flickr via Compfight cc

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