Monday, 17 April 2017

Fear 2.

What is it that keeps our world in darkness and corruption?

Contrary to popular opinion, which would say that it is evil, I would say that it is fear.

What appears to us as wickedness and iniquity is fear in disguise.

People compromise their principles and corrupt themselves out of fear - fear of losing their jobs, fear of missing out, fear of poverty and starvation.....

Nice guys come last.

But it is precisely here - last - where we find God.

It might be more precise to say that God comes last.

Fear is the opposite of faith - faith that God will provide, faith that there will always be enough.

So fear makes us hoard money and possession and power.

Because we are afraid that there will not be enough.

It won't work - they know.

So they never try it.

Faith takes away our fear.

Faith enables us to give.

Faith leads us to love.

For Love is the nature of God.

Photo Credit: Arvid Olsson Flickr via Compfight cc

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