Saturday, 15 August 2015

Spider Web.

After the failure of his world tour a certain rock superstar confessed to practicing dark magic and abusing white powders.

He admitted to a fascination with the Nazis but stopped short of professing Satanism.

Although this was most likely a false confession designed to clear him of the stigma associated with his sexuality after the AIDS crisis the fact remains that he has confessed to practicing the dark arts.

Subsequent albums would suggest that he is far from reformed.

Many rock stars have faked conversions in order to clear their names then continued to practice black magic and covert Satanism in later years.

So do not follow rock superstars who present themselves as messiahs.
They are false prophets and black magicians who will lead you into captivity and damn you to hell.

The star concerned has since died.

Photo Credit: Notes From A Binbag via Compfight cc

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