Friday, 8 May 2015


As we grow up in the world we encounter difficulties.
To overcome these difficulties we are encouraged to develop a tough/hard attitude.

This is called growing up, becoming a man, and living in the real world.

But this philosophy is not what life is about.

What we are reacting to is the tough/hard attitudes of faithless men.
The men who rule the world.

We are not reacting to God.

As we grow closer to God through study and prayer we come to realize that God's attitudes are quite different.

God is on the side of the weak, the losers, the outcast.....
God is merciful, not ruthless.
God is close to your heart, not your mind.

Life is about Love, not success.

So when people tell you that you have to be tough to survive in the real world tell them that God will protect you and provide if you open your heart.

Photo Credit: Gobierno Federal via Compfight cc

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