Tuesday, 14 April 2015

The Nature Channel.

If you watch the nature channel on your T.V. you will think that nature, and therefore life, is about dog eat dog and copulating.

Little is made of faithfulness or nurture and there is seldom any mention of growth or abundance.

But life is so much more than this.

Giving and sacrifice and love are all aspects of the animal kingdom.

While humans develop culture and invention and art.

But without religion we would not have developed the spiritual dimension of life.

Ideals like non-violence, vegetarianism, charity, equality, compassion, forgiveness, gratitude, peace, justice, and unconditional love would not have developed in our world.

The existence of these spiritual qualities is an argument for the existence of God.
Quite apart from the testimony of billions.

So; despite the divisions, the wars, the massacres, the torture; religion and God have made significant contributions to the welfare of humankind.

Photo Credit: Danushka Senadheera via Compfight cc

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