Saturday, 8 November 2014

On the Rocks.

Unless we recognize that rock music is the domain of Satanism our hopes for the Age of Aquarius are in vain.

Because if rock musicians are allowed to infiltrate and influence Progressive Christianity they will wreck it and damn it to hell.

The problem is that most Progressive Christians don't believe in Satan and they erroneously believe that therefore there are no Satanists.

Heaven forbid that their rock legends are evil.

But this is indeed the case.

Rock musicians are like sirens luring us onto the rocks.
They divert us from our purpose and tempt us to transgress.
Then they pull the trigger and damn us to hell.

But there is no hell.
God punishes no one.

The damage done, however, remains.

Unless we steer clear of rock music our cherished dream of an Aquarian Age is on the rocks.

Photo Credit: Daniele Zedda via Compfight cc

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