Tuesday, 16 September 2014


Everyone is looking for Aquarius.

Even Fundamentalist Christians, so opposed to everything Aquarian, are looking for Aquarius.  (Cite their addiction to Ronald Reagan - an Aquarian - and the stylized fish - the symbol of modern Pentecostalism.)

The stylized waves (the glyph for Aquarius) can be seen everywhere from clothing and furnishings to architecture and art.

What people are looking for is a savior, something to rescue them from the rampant materialism and darkness we find ourselves immersed in.

There are certain things which are associated with Aquarius.
One is homosexuality which has become the major issue of our time.
Another is equality which is represented by feminism and social justice.

The prophecy implies that God or the Divine will reach out to humanity and bring about a sea-change in our thinking.

This is taking place in Western Protestant Christianity in particular.
The New Paradigm, however, will appear everywhere at once.
It will affect all religions and social systems.
The Millennium Development Goals are a good example.

But people are blind.
They can look straight at it and not recognize it consciously.

We are so attuned to the media with its hate campaigns and propaganda.
We cannot see our way clear to move forward.
And the popular culture betrays us.

So, rather than just using Aquarius as decoration, we should be looking to what it represents and moving forward with that.

Photo Credit: aretemc via Compfight cc

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