Saturday, 19 July 2014

What of Evil?

As for evil, the only evil that exists in the world is that which is deliberately chosen as an alternative to good.

This is usually because life is unsatisfactory, even hateful, and God is seen as the cause of this.

It is usually accompanied by a harsh image of God.

But such people are not to be blamed.

They have been led astray by blind guides and misguided magicians, they are reacting dramatically to their life-long experience.

When Jesus says to love your enemies it is these people he is talking about.

They are not to be hated or damned, they are to be loved and redeemed, reconciled with the God of love whom they have never known.

So we can stop battling against evil and pursuing it with the sword.

They are to be loved and reconciled to God.

Photo Credit: Matt Niemi via Compfight cc

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