Tuesday, 22 April 2014


The Uniting Church in Australia has an expression that reflects the Church's philosophy.

"Unity in Diversity".

The Uniting Church is the union of three denominations: Methodist, Congregationalist, and Presbyterian.
So it is a conglomerate of different philosophies.

But it was not until the sexuality debate with its varying attitudes to homosexuality that the expression was adopted.

It seems to me that "Unity in Diversity" is a good umbrella for the wider Church, and even religion in general.

We all worship the same God.

Christians, Jews, and Muslims all worship the God of Abraham and Hindus and Buddhists recognize an absolute divinity.

So we are like brothers and sisters of the one family.
The family of humanity.

If we could generate a tolerant, live and let live approach we could all live in harmony on the one planet.

Instead of conflict we could all live in the rainbow of "Unity in Diversity".

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