Tuesday, 21 January 2014

Liberalism and Satanism.

Conservative Christians equate Liberalism with Satanism.

Although the two may seem similar on the surface there are basic differences which set them apart.

Satanism may disguise itself as Liberalism but its purpose is not to gain freedom, it is to cause us to transgress.

This is temptation with the purpose of damnation.

Liberalism on the other hand seeks to free us from restraints.
Restraints which hamper us and stunt our growth.

Liberals may well question traditional doctrines and dogmas but their purpose is to search for the truth.

Satanism on the other hand questions in order to create doubt which cancels salvation.

So Liberalism and Satanism differ in their purpose.
Liberalism seeks to free us.  Satanism seeks to damn us.

Interestingly these two are ruled by different planets and signs in astrology.
Satanism is ruled by Pluto an Scorpio.
Liberalism is ruled by Uranus and Aquarius.

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