Tuesday, 11 June 2013


I have an aunt who grew up during the Depression.

She has spent her whole life working and accumulating wealth.

When asked why she felt she had to continue making more and more money she replied that she never felt that she had enough.

This is fear,
Fear of poverty.

She never had enough to feel secure.

Perhaps this is the motivation for all people who accumulate wealth.
Perhaps they are so afraid of poverty or not having enough that they work harder and harder to make more money.

Certainly this is a pattern in business.
There is never enough profit.

Their fear makes them aggressive, even violent.
Their fear makes them cheat, even criminal.

So how can we reduce their fear?

Faith that God will provide is one answer.
With God there will always be enough.

But how to get this message to hard-nosed businessmen and corporate executives?

Challenging them too aggressively will make them attack.
(As Jesus discovered.)
This triggers their fears.
Fear of losing power and money.

They must be shown that they will not starve if they pay their fair share of taxes.

No one objects to people being rich.
What people object to is people being poor.

So how can the rich be convinced to share their wealth?

We must find ways to reduce their fear.

And pray to God that they will change.

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