Monday, 21 January 2013

The Great Seal.

The Great Seal of the United States of America uses fairly normal heraldic symbols on the obverse side.  The thirteen states are represented by dots in a circle with the inscription "Out of many, one".

But the reverse side contains Egyptian magical symbols of the pyramid and the all-seeing eye.  The thirteen steps of the pyramid represent the thirteen states. The all-seeing eye represents providence and is flanked by the inscription "Favors our undertakings".  At the bottom of the pyramid is the inscription "New Order of the Ages".

This is powerful magic with the number 13 and the symbols of Egypt.
Perhaps it was no coincidence that America used black slaves as they had in Egypt in ancient times.

The Great Seal was placed on the dollar bill in 1935 when Henry A. Wallace suggested it as a masonic symbol to President Roosevelt (who was a mason) as a symbol of the New Deal.
Roosevelt insisted that the normal heraldic practice of placing the obverse side on the left and the reverse side on the right be reversed so that the words "of the United States of America" were under the obverse side.

From that day on the American dollar has been all powerful.

(N.B. The pyramid on the dollar bill differs from that on the Great Seal in that it appears to be floating on water.  Aquarius?)

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