Monday, 28 May 2012

Nature Gods.

If you watch T.V. documentaries the image that you get of nature is that it is predatory, violent, and copulating.

But nature has other aspects which correspond to the ancient pantheon of gods: abundance (Osiris), nurturing (Isis), faithfulness (Mut), growth (Ceres), healing (Thoth), creativity (Ra),  adaptability (Mercury), intelligence (Hermes), intuition (Nephthys), beauty (Venus), Ingenuity (Hephaestus)(Ptah).....

The ancient world was filled with the supernatural.

At school we are taught a scientific mind set: the natural world is devoid of gods, mechanical, dead matter, has no intelligence, is devoid of meaning, is separate from God.

The old image of God is: distant, indifferent, inactive, cruel, hates his own creation (his children), tough, judgemental.

An alternate image of God (the new paradigm) is: present, a gardener, caring, active, innocent, sensitive, understanding, forgiving, goodness, love.

If science takes all meaning out of life then the new paradigm can provide that meaning without the battle for supremacy which the old image inspired.

Photo Credit: hapePHOTOGRAPHIX Flickr via Compfight cc

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